St. John the Evangelist Topsail

Cautiously Resuming Traditions

Professing Christianity is not just about attending church on Sunday morning, albeit that is a very important first step. It is about everything that embodies

The Rev'd J. Noel at the Church of St. John the Evangelist, Topsail

The Imposition of Ashes

This year, Shrove Tuesday fell on March 1st, and as is the annual customary practice, our ACW ladies organized and prepared a take out supper

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Overlapping Denominational Boundaries

When taking a break for lunch last Friday morning, I picked up February’s edition of the Anglican Journal. Before turning the front cover page, an

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One Day At A Time

In our cycle of life, we welcome individually all the four seasons of the year in their turn—spring, summer, fall, and winter. Each distinct portion

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Hello, Goodbye, and Thank You

Here at St. John the Evangelist church, Topsail, we have witnessed and experienced a multiple of hellos and goodbyes amongst our leaders in the last

My Anglican Life Ministry

As a parish correspondent with Anglican Life, I am pleased to report that despite the many restrictions placed upon us during 2020, freedom to share

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