The 50th Anniversary of Our Town And Getting Back in The Swing of Things For Fall

Sharon Smith

St. John the Evangelist, Topsail

I am writing this on the first day of autumn. But despite this fact, we are still experiencing temperatures in the double digits.

The only recognition to me, of fall approaching is the rapid shortening of our days and the resurgence of activities here at St. John the Evangelist, Topsail.
I think the first sign was the opening of our ACW meetings and the coming together for fellowship after the summer hiatus.
However, the actual resumption started off with a flourish on September 16, exhibiting both secular and spiritual connotations.
It was a day that the Anglican Church Women catered to a special afternoon tea in recognition of the 50th Anniversary of our Town’s inception, where boundaries unite the communities from Seal Cove to Topsail.
Some very artistic members of the congregation appropriately decorated the hall with balloons and banners representative of the occasion, including photos of all the mayors who have served in the last half century.
Neighbouring church families joined us in the celebration, as well as many enthusiasts from outside our beautiful town of CBS. 

ACW president, Betty Hiscock, chaired the event together with banquet organizer, Shirley Glynn, while our Canon, the Rev’d Jotie Noel, welcomed everyone and delivered the thanksgiving and grace. 

Left to right: Audrey Petten, Morgen Dawe, Elizabeth Hollett, Sarah Mercer, and Mayor Darrin Brent

We were honoured to have as our guest speaker the second mayor of the town, Kelvin Fowler, a lifetime member of St. John the Evangelist Church, who briefed us on the town’s initial ambitions during his tenure at its helm. Then, our current mayor, Daren Bent, updated the audience on current activities, while yours truly injected the usual bit of nostalgia. 

The Rev’d Greg Mercer and his associate displayed the usual expertise by providing musical entertainment for the evening, with photos and video by our own artists Sharon Smith and Pauline Noel. 

Before our decorations were dismantled and Bone China stored for the next special event, we were already in the preliminary stages of preparation for the lasagna dinner take out, flea market, and fall fair, scheduled for September 30, October 21, and November 4, respectively. 

Thanks to the cooperation and enthusiasm of our parishioners who volunteer and work together for the glory of God—our commitments will surely come to fruition.

Your people shall be volunteers In the day of your power
In the beauties of holiness.
Psalm 110: 3

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