Creation Care and Stewardship: Becoming Fully Alive

J. Noel

St. John the Evangelist, Topsail

On May 14, our Rev’d Jotie was installed as Canon of Creation Care and Stewardship for our diocese. He subsequently, together with three colleagues, initiated a new vision that they hope will broaden the parameters of our present Christian ministries—with emphasis on preserving the integrity of God’s creation—by protecting our planet Earth. 

Random House dictionary defines the term “having a vision,” as having the ability to anticipate and make provision for future events. But in the context of development and growth in the Church, I believe it symbolizes foresight and sagacity in planning for the attainment of certain goals—such as our endeavour, as a church family, to halt or slow down the deterioration of our planet Earth. 

Currently, our priest and his team are reaching out to the parishes, via NEW LEAF newsletter, gathering ideas and recommendations, and how they can be integrated into the ministry of the diocese—initial fortitude in the realization that the universe is created for all. We have to acknowledge that it is up to us, and indeed our duty to maintain the planet. 

Theories of combined neglect in the past have been postulated and are indeed well founded. This fact, to all intents and purposes, had influenced involvement of the Diocese to intercede. 

This journey will be a challenging adventure. However, with the enthusiasm and co-operation from parish congregations, intentions should expand and thrive. 

Our weaknesses may be transformed into effectiveness. If together as parish families we commit to resurrect our respective talents and gifts from a dormant state, to be all that we can be, then this vision should surely become FULLY ALIVE. 

“For we are God’s fellow workers, God’s field and God’s building.”
1 Corinthians 3:9 

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