Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador

Laura CowanEastern Newfoundland and Labrador

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist’s Labyrinth

Walking a labyrinth offers opportunities for inner reflection and spiritual connection. It can be used for meditation, guidance seeking, and creativity enhancement. It helps to ...
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Louise SmithEastern Newfoundland and Labrador

Integration and Fellowship

It is a truism that there are times when an air of apprehension envelops us in our midst. But at the same time, a more ...
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Suzanne MccormackLorna Williams

St. Paul’s, Goulds—”Giving From The Heart” Lenten Outreach

For the past number of years, St. Paul’s has been collecting personal and toiletry items for those who are less fortunate, and they are then distributed ...
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The Rev'd Barbara BooneEastern Newfoundland and Labrador

Anglican Youth Helping Others

On March 22nd, eight members of our Youth Group, along with their three leaders, slept without beds to raise money for the “Heads Without Beds” ...
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Anglican LifeEastern Newfoundland and Labrador

Heads Without Beds 2024—Home Again Furniture Bank

On March 22nd, 80 people gathered and joined Home Again to help celebrate all the amazing work done to support our neighbours who are sleeping ...
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Heather KenneryEastern Newfoundland and Labrador

Home Again Furniture Bank: Spotlight on Archdeacon Charlene Taylor

Home Again Furniture Bank hosted their fifth annual Heads Without Beds Fundraiser on March 22nd—an event when they invite community members to give up their ...
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Louise SmithEastern Newfoundland and Labrador

Our Journey Through Lent 2024

Our journey through Lent has been a fulfilling trip, while sharing some necessary intermittent diversion along the way. On Shrove Tuesday, the eve of Ash ...
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Cheryl FaserukEastern Newfoundland and Labrador

Fun and Friendship at St. Mark’s Anglican Church

If you hear laughter coming from St. Mark’s Church Hall on Logy Bay Road, there is a good chance the Women’s Friendship Group is meeting. ...
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Bishop Samuel RoseColumns

She’s Gone B’ys

I want to share some statements that I often hear about the Church. Perhaps you, too, have listened to something similar? ”The Church is not ...
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Louise SmithApril 2024

The Christingle Service

As I sit at my laptop, and gaze at the church calendar in front of me on the wall, I’m reminded of the Red Letter ...
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