Worshiping God Physically and Spiritually

St. John the Evangelist, Topsail

Hanging prominently on my kitchen wall is a very large calendar. Each block or date has four lines, most of which are filled with reminders of approaching church activities. The calendar is a recurring Christmas gift I’ve been finding in my stocking for the past several years. 

As soon as everyone came together and settled in after the summer hiatus, our church here at St. John the Evangelist has been a beehive of activity. 

Since my last news, we prayerfully and joyfully orchestrated our annual flea market on October 21st—also my birthday. Though our focus was strictly on the multitude of browsers, seeking something of interest from our collection of treasures, it was still a healthy atmosphere in which to spend a special day and have tea served in a favourite bone china cup. 

The old adage that one man’s refuse is another man’s treasure was certainly exemplified by the success of our flea market due to the diversity of donations and generosity of parishioners. The fall fair on November 4th was equally recognized. 

Then on November 5th, Remembrance Sunday, the CLB and Canadian Legion Branch 50 participated again this year in our special church service with the blessing of the colours by Rev’d Canon Jotie. After worship, the congregation and guests proceeded downstairs for a time of fellowship and a cup of tea. 

To make away for the 13th anniversary of our Holly Tea on December 9th, the men of our parish will culminate the fall activities by preparing and serving a three course stuffed chicken breast take-out dinner on November 25th. 

Thus, the physical part of our church journey completes one of two things that go together—things material and things spiritual. 

By the time that this article goes to print, we will have come to the end of another year—a year that has been both busy and rewarding, and sometimes challenging. As the new year approaches, we look forward to a continue journey of this labour of love in God‘s great vineyard. 

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