Our Journey Through Lent 2024

Pauline Noel

St. John the Evangelist, Topsail

Our journey through Lent has been a fulfilling trip, while sharing some necessary intermittent diversion along the way. On Shrove Tuesday, the eve of Ash Wednesday, our ACW team budgeted adequate time to prepare and serve a delicious baked beans, sausage, and pancake supper. This offered us a time of welcome fellowship with other neighbouring parishes just hours ahead of a major snow storm which curtailed the sermon of ashes scheduled at church the next day. But thanks to present technology, Canon Jotie did an online version from his home to ours.

Then after three days of battling through mountains of snow, Saturday looked hopeful to squeeze in the ACW Quiet Day. We received guests from nearby churches, and together enjoyed lunch and welcomed the reprieve. President Betty delivered an interesting presentation with the theme, “Shaped by love.”

On March 1st, our church hosted the annual World Day of Prayer service. The theme, “I beg you…bear with one another in love,” was written by a group of Ecumenical Christian Palestinian Women, whose country was represented this year.

On Sunday, March 19th, we again had the distinct privilege to welcome members of the CLB, Upper Gullies company, to our church service.
It was a special treat to witness young girls actively involved in the brigade as well. Canon Jotie displayed his special gifts as he approached conversation in a dual capacity by welcoming some familiarity on the physical merits of the battalion.

With the intermission of diversion in the church during Lent acknowledged, focus reverted to the midweek Lenten observance, each Wednesday, for five weeks. This was built around a series of prayers of restoration in Christ through the “Discipline of Reckless Prayer.”

Random House dictionary defines the word “reckless” as: “disregarding the consequences of danger, or being rash.” In my initial response to the approach, I didn’t feel that it was an accurate synonym for anything associated with prayer. But when once I grasped the concept of venturing outside the realm of automatic approved form of prayer, to search, hear, grasp, and especially concentrate on one’s own, even if just for the 40 days, it broadened my parameters in a positive and personal way.

1. Reckless prayer through daily devotion.
2. Reckless prayer through reading the Bible.
3. Reckless prayer through the Jesus prayer.
4. Reckless prayer through breathing.
5. Reckless prayer through silence.

A particularly Reckless thank you to Canon Jotie for creating a special and memorable Lenten Experience 2024.

“In whom we have boldness And access with confidence Through faith in him.” -Ephesians 3:12.

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