Central Newfoundland

people at pariush BBQ
The Rev’d James SpencerCentral Newfoundland

Vestry Appreciation Dinner in Burin

The Parish of Burin enjoyed a Vestry Appreciation BBQ in July of this year for members of the parish council and the three vestries. It …

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Maxine Abbott and Jonathon Durdle with Bishop Watton
Anglican LifeCentral Newfoundland

The Rev’d Maxine Abbott and The Rev’d Jonathon Durdle Ordained Deacons

At St. Martin’s Cathedral in Gander, on the 19th August 2022, The Rt. Rev’d John E. Watton ordained Maxine Abbott and Jonathon Durdle to the …

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shared worship service on Fogo Island
Lisa SnowCentral Newfoundland

Islandwide Fellowship on Fogo Island

On Sunday, May 29th, the Anglican Parishes of Fogo Island East and West held a joint service of worship and fellowship led by the Rev’d …

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Anglican Life Logo
The Rt. Rev'd John WattonCentral Newfoundland

Surrounded With Light From the Past

Our superb Anglican Life Editor, Emily, makes sure that we bishops have a schedule for our columns. Faithfully, nearer the time the piece is due, …

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Easter breakfast 2022 Grand Bank
The Rev’d Charlie CoxCentral Newfoundland

Resurrection Sunday at St. Alban’s

Our Easter celebrations at St. Alban’s Church in Grand Bank began with a celebration of the Holy Eucharist at 7am followed by a (well attended) …

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Church building Bishop's Falls
Doug TuckerCentral Newfoundland

100 Years of Faith and Worship–St. Andrew’s Church, Bishop’s Falls

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Town of Bishop’s Falls came into being. The establishment of the G. A. Reid Groundwood Pulp Mill …

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“Colorful hands” by George Fox students Annabele Wombatcher, Jared Mar, and Sierra Ratcliff
The Rt. Rev'd John WattonApril 2022

Jesus Will Show You The Connections You Need

I can still remember preaching my very first sermon as a postulant. Queen’s college students in the ordination program were assigned Sunday parish placements. I …

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The Ven. Terry CainesCentral Newfoundland

The Rev’d Christine Hoffe Ordained Priest

The Diocese of Central Newfoundland is pleased to share that on December 8th, 2021, the Rt. Rev’d John Watton ordained Christine Hoffe to the priesthood …

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Scrabble pieces spelling out Faith and Hope
The Rt. Rev'd John WattonCentral Newfoundland

Faith and Hope in the Midst of a Pandemic

It seems today, many of the thoughts that we have been able to push back in our minds have become the loudest voices in the …

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The confirmands on ther first sucessful day of their food drive at Pearson Academy School
Brenda Lee GoodyearCentral Newfoundland

Confirmands at The Living Spirit Support Local Food Bank

The Parish of the Living Water, which is made up of the Anglican churches of Badger’s Quay, Newtown, and Greenspond, is very proud to have …

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