Building the Future

The Anglican Parish of Burin recently began an after school Lego program entitled “Building the Future,” open to children and parents of all ages who

The Complication of Expectations

Do you want to see something funny? Take a look at someone driving a car who has just realized that there is a pothole ahead,

Lego As An Ecclesiastical Metaphor

If there’s one thing I am known for, among those who have more than a passing knowledge of me, it is that I am a

people at pariush BBQ

Vestry Appreciation Dinner in Burin

The Parish of Burin enjoyed a Vestry Appreciation BBQ in July of this year for members of the parish council and the three vestries. It

Anglican Life Logo

It’s Not Just Them. It’s Us Too.

Have you ever noticed that divisions between people generally exist upon lines of privilege or hardship? It’s true. Take any two groups and see what

kayak photo for article on stillness

Essential Stillness

Sometimes we all need to experience stillness. It’s not an easy thing to do in today’s world. It seems that even when we’re alone we’re

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