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Anticipate, Control, Trust

The hardest part of my struggles with anxiety was learning how to live with it. My therapist used to regularly remind me that my surges

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Stepping Back So That Others Can Step Up

Last year, I wrote about how we need to stop talking about people working for the church as if they were ‘volunteers’ and start talking

When You’re Irreplaceable

Taking time off for mental health leave was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in twenty years of ordained ministry. I was

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God Guard Thee, Newfoundland

As I started writing this column, people were up in arms about Memorial University’s decision not to include the Ode to Newfoundland as part of

Speaking of Mental Health…

Conversations about mental health are important conversations to have. We’re getting better about having them and treating them as normally as we would treat conversations

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Fight or Flight

Anxiety is actually one of our bodies’ natural responses to stressful situations, and can be a very healthy one. Anxiety is part of the way we recognize

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When You’re Not Okay

In February, I had a mental health crisis: what we used to call a ‘mental breakdown’. As far as crises go, mine was pretty minor,

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No More Volunteers

It’s time for the church to stop relying on volunteers. That sounds like a harsh thing to say. More than ever before, the work of

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