Forgiveness and Service

I have long said that the Gospel at my funeral will be from the 21st chapter of John’s Gospel, if only because that would probably

Hiding in The Darkness

The Gospel lessons for Lent show us signs of resistance and opposition to Jesus and his teaching, but this year there is an extra element

The Future is Post-Apocalyptic

The Anglican Church, like many organised religions, faces substantial challenges amidst ongoing cultural shifts. As societal values and norms evolve at a rapid pace, churches

The Reverence Trap: Dangerous Vocations

In previous columns, I’ve highlighted the challenges faced by clergy, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic’s initial lockdowns. I’ve shared personal strategies for maintaining mental health

More Than Just A Girl’s Name

As I write, the homelessness crisis has become particularly visible in the tent city across from the Confederation Building, and Israel and Palestine are in

From Confusion To Connection

A young family approaches their local Anglican Church with hopes of having their baby baptised. However, what should be the start of a spiritual journey

A Nap And A Snack

In 1 Kings 19, following Elijah’s confrontation with the prophets of Baal, he flees from Queen Jezebel, finding solace in the wilderness. Overwhelmed by despair

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