Home Again Furniture Bank: Spotlight on Archdeacon Charlene Taylor

Home Again Furniture Bank

Home Again Furniture Bank hosted their fifth annual Heads Without Beds Fundraiser on March 22nd—an event when they invite community members to give up their bed for one night to raise awareness and funds for those who are living without furniture in the Northeast Avalon Region. This year they shone a spotlight on participants who are making a big impact and difference in their community. One such participant is the Executive Officer of the Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland & Labrador, Archdeacon Charlene Taylor. Here is her story.

Archdeacon Charlene Taylor has known about and supported Home Again Furniture Bank since its inception thanks to her lifelong work with the Anglican Church. As an Archdeacon and former parish priest, her time is spent serving the community, giving support to her parishioners, and guiding people in their faith journey. Through this work she has seen first-hand why Home Again is essential for those in our communities.

“Through my parish work I often see different levels of furniture poverty. People have a roof over their head but they don’t truly have a home. Without the necessary furniture to fill it, a table to sit and have a meal around, or a bed to dream in, it’s just four walls. Home Again changes that.” said Charlene.

In Charlene’s work with the Anglican Church she has focused much of her time on improving the well-being of community members and breaking the cycle of poverty. She is aware that too often people don’t associate those who are already in stable housing as being impoverished, but one glance at a nearly empty apartment or home and Charlene can attest to just how wrong those assumptions can be.

“The Anglican Church is one of the largest referral agents for Home Again, as all of our local parishes are a safe haven for those who are experiencing furniture poverty or need help. Though we see people in some of their hardest moments, we also get to see the amazing impact of receiving furniture and the transformation it has.” said Charlene.

Home Again’s furniture recipients often share just how life-changing furniture can be in not only giving them the comfort and dignity they deserve, but also the impact it has on their physical, mental and emotional health.

“When I was living without furniture I wasn’t passionate about anything anymore, I looked around and said ‘This is the state I am going to be in forever.’ Now I am out working, I am volunteering, I exercise much more, I have animals.” said one furniture recipient.

Since Charlene experienced first-hand how Home Again was supporting our neighbours in need, it was a very simple decision for her to be a part of the Heads Without Beds fundraiser. So simple in fact she also participated in the original ‘Clergy on the Floor’ fundraiser, which was the catalyst for the expansion into the community edition of Heads Without Beds.

“I have fond memories of ‘Clergy on the Floor’ , the feeling of community as the local Anglican Clergy joined together to support one another and the mission of Home Again. We laughed, had fellowship and ended up raising over $5,000 for those who were living without furniture.” said Charlene.

Now Charlene continues to support Home Again by joining Heads Without Beds each year with her colleagues. This year, all of them slept at their office following the fun event night.

“We’re excited to gather as a whole team and support Heads Without Beds again. Even though we are giving up our bed for the night, we’ll make the most of it and have a great time. We even plan on making breakfast together in the morning.” said Charlene.

For Charlene, the opportunity to impact hundreds of lives by fundraising and simply sleeping without her bed for one night is something she is happy to do.

“Each year we have such wonderful supporters. We never set a team goal because we just hope for people to have generous hearts and to give what they can to support their neighbours. We’ve been successful in raising funds in the past and hope to continue that this year and beyond.” said Charlene.

The Anglican East NL team was in fact very successful at raising funds this year, with over $4,000 being raised and donated back to Home Again they were the top team fundraiser!

Though this fundraiser for Home Again Furniture Bank has now closed, they still need your support in order to continue delivering free furniture to those who need it most. Visit: to see how you can get involved or become a sustaining monthly supporter by joining their community of Dreamers.

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