April 2024

Lisa BrownApril 2024

Port aux Basques Pancake Supper

On February 13th, the ACW of St. James’ Church in Port aux Basques had a pancake supper, meeting, and fellowship. A great meal, meeting and a ...
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The Rev'd Canon Jeffrey PettenApril 2024

Emptiness is Fullness

Alleluia! We are in the Easter Season! One of the things that is tugging at my heart this year, this Easter, is the fullness of ...
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Louise SmithApril 2024

The Christingle Service

As I sit at my laptop, and gaze at the church calendar in front of me on the wall, I’m reminded of the Red Letter ...
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Ford MatchimApril 2024

Reasonable and Probable Grounds to Believe

Social media is awash with information on intelligence: Rational intelligence (IQ)—what I think; Emotional intelligence (EQ)—what I feel; and Spiritual intelligence (SQ)—what I am. Spiritual ...
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The Rev’d James SpencerApril 2024

Salmon Fishing and Youth Ministry—Casting Lines To Better Engage the Next Generations

Last summer I tried salmon fishing again. It had been years since my last time, mostly because of my extreme level of failure at the ...
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Debra Gill, PWRDF Representative, Diocese of Central NewfoundlandApril 2024

Where in the World?

Ever wonder where in the world PWRDF does its work, or how they distribute their donations? The map above shows, at a glance, where projects ...
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Lisa BrownApril 2024

Puppet Show in Port aux Basques

On January 28th, St. James’ Church in Port aux Basques had a puppet show with our favourite puppets, Creamsicle and Chickpea. The puppets explained to ...
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The Rev’d George CritchellApril 2024

New ACW Installed in Meadows

Above are two photographs are from the installation of ACW officers in the parish of Meadows for 2024. 
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Melanie ClarkeApril 2024

The Promise of Easter: Reflections on Commitment, Challenges, and Eternal Assurance

Throughout my life, when I said the word “promise,” I meant it. As a young child, I remember being in Brownies and promising to “do ...
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Rt. Rev'd John OrganApril 2024

Embracing Easter: A Celebration of Renewal, Abundance, and Everlasting Life

Easter is the gift of renewal, abundance life here, and, amazingly, everlasting life hereafter! This is all God’s doing! Creatures and creation are God’s own ...
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