Cathedral of St. John the Baptist’s Labyrinth

People at the cathedral walking through the labyrinth on the floor; photo by Hugh Donnan
Laura Cowan and Hugh Donnan

A Path to Inner Reflection/Global Harmony

Walking a labyrinth offers opportunities for inner reflection and spiritual connection. It can be used for meditation, guidance seeking, and creativity enhancement. It helps to release mental or physical tension and reduce stress. Soon after Dean Roger Whalen arrived at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in St. John’s, he and Sue Cummings, lay minister, formed a committee to explore the concept of an indoor labyrinth.

After work began on improving accessibility within the building, a temporary labyrinth was outlined on the floor of the south transept. Although it was small, it established energy and presence at the Cathedral, and a few people walked it. Also during this time, an outside labyrinth was built in the garden.

Connections with Veriditas (, a nonprofit organization, led to a partnership with the Legacy Labyrinth Project (LLP) ( The LLP began in 2013 with an aim to integrate the impact of the labyrinth experience with global peace and healing, bringing together labyrinth builders, supporters, and communities around the globe. The Cathedral now serves as the steward of the 9th labyrinth in this international partnership. This aligns with the “Strategic Set Sail Ship” “Transforming Discipleship,” and progresses our parish goal “to offer an exploration of alternate forms of spiritual contemplation and meditation through the Cathedral at Night Series and the installation of the Labyrinth”.

With the light shining in from the Fisherman’s Windows in early April, a 7-circuit, Chartres-styled labyrinth was created by master labyrinth builder and designer Lisa Gidlow Moriarty ( Our labyrinth’s theme of “Ocean Health” symbolizes a journey toward ecological awareness and renewal. The official dedication of the labyrinth is scheduled for Sunday, September 29th, 2024, with a promise to draw people from near and far to share in the celebration and dedication service.

People at the cathedral using the finger labyrinths; photo by Laura Cowan

On May 4th, 2024, the Cathedral invited the community to come and walk the labyrinth. World Labyrinth Day is an annual event sponsored by The Labyrinth Society (TLS) Every year, on the first Saturday in May, thousands of people around the globe participate in World Labyrinth Day as a moving meditation for world peace and celebration of the labyrinth experience. Participants “Walk as One at 1” local time to create a rolling wave of peaceful energy passing from one time zone to the next. Guided by a spirit of gratitude and peace, visitors began their journey through the labyrinth at the cathedral. All were presented with a sticker or button as a keepsake/reminder of their participation.

The cathedral is committed to building dynamic labyrinth programming for public and parish alike. This commitment is in keeping with its mission statement: to deliver ministry and outreach that meets people’s needs; and to nurture respect for all of God’s creation and, as a parish, take an active role in environmental stewardship. Planning is now underway for World Oceans Day on June 8th, 2024, promising further exploration of the labyrinth’s theme.

For more information on upcoming events and the labyrinth experience, visit our website Join us on the labyrinth as we embark on a journey of reflection, connection, and reverence of our world.

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