The Rt. Rev'd John WattonCentral Newfoundland

A Bishop’s Letter Written To You From The Holy Land

Friends, as I write this, it is Wednesday March 15th, and I write to you from the town of Nazareth. It is getting late here, …

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Ford MatchimApril 2023

Reasonable and Probable Grounds to Believe

Many scholars opine that John’s Gospel was written in the late first century CE, at a time when Christians were continuing to live as Jews, …

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Allison BillardApril 2023

Experiences With A “Dry February”

Following all the overindulgence associated with the festive Christmas season, I decided that I would do a “Dry February,” where I would consume no alcohol …

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Emily F. RoweApril 2023

What Do You Worship?

I have a memory of being at my grandparents’ house as a kid one Easter. I remember gnawing away on what was left of a …

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Kevin SmithApril 2023

Tidbits About Wills

I’m told the vast majority of people do not have a will. Some people feel that they do not need one for various reasons. Others …

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The Rev’d James SpencerApril 2023

The Complication of Expectations

Do you want to see something funny? Take a look at someone driving a car who has just realized that there is a pothole ahead, …

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Rt. Rev'd John OrganApril 2023

An Easter Message From Bishop Organ

Easter has a way of sneaking up on us! It did the same thing to the first disciples and followers of Jesus as well.  Imagine …

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The Rt. Rev'd Samuel RoseApril 2023

An Easter Message From Bishop Rose

Easter always seems to come as a surprise to me. When Ash Wednesday begins, it appears that this day is far off. Yet, like the …

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Melanie ClarkeApril 2023

Easter Hope

During the Lenten season, we are reminded of the trials and tribulations which Jesus endured during his forty days and nights in the desert. The …

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The Rev'd Jonathan RoweApril 2023

Robot Rector: Computer-Generated Sermons

I had been reading about people using Artificial Intelligence (or AI) to write text for them. You can enter a prompt like ‘write a poem …

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