“Colorful hands” by George Fox students Annabele Wombatcher, Jared Mar, and Sierra Ratcliff
The Rt. Rev'd John WattonApril 2022

Jesus Will Show You The Connections You Need

I can still remember preaching my very first sermon as a postulant. Queen’s college students in the ordination program were assigned Sunday parish placements. I …

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Anglican Life Logo
Emily F. RoweApril 2022

From the Editor About the Redesigned Website and Our New Anglican Life Logo

About the new look for the website: I am writing to you all about some changes that are coming to the Anglican Life website, or …

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Anglican Life Logo
Allison BillardApril 2022

Mama, Why Do Bad Things Happen?

As a parent to younger children, I’ve fielded this question a fair few times. Most recently in the context of COVID-19, but also about things …

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Statue of Jesus in a park
Rt. Rev'd John OrganApril 2022

“Christ Is Risen Indeed!”

It is wise to not believe everything we hear. Always best to be cautious and circumspect. The Apostle Thomas needed more than hearsay about Jesus …

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Exit of a tomb with a view of the sky.
The Rt. Rev'd Samuel RoseApril 2022

The Empty Tomb Is For Everyone

The Lord is risen! The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! The joy of this Easter message is perhaps more impactful for the Church …

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Aerial photo of a parking lot with cars
The Rev’d James SpencerApril 2022

When Life Throws A Lot At Us Very Quickly

I have become completely fed up with cars. Seriously. They drive me up the wall (no pun intended). If I could, I’d be done with …

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The Rev’d Michael LiColumns

God As “Us”

God himself stands behind his creation. He stands behind everything.  In the Hebrew of Genesis 1, the name for God is Elohim. This is a …

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The Rev’d Cynthia Haines-TurnerColumns

Lenten Fasts

If it’s Lent, which it is as of March 2nd, for me that means giving up sugar and often other indulgences. I know it’s not …

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shamrock photo from
Emily F. RoweColumns

A Day For Us All To Be A Bit Irish

The saying goes: “We are all a little bit Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.” It’s a convenient way to excuse the desire for a good …

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Ford MatchimColumns

Reasonable and Probable Grounds to Believe

During the 40 days of Lent our principal would start the school day standing between the doorways of our two classrooms and read a gospel …

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