Come: Rediscover New Heights of Love and Hope

image designed by E. F. Rowe in Canva

As you read this you will be reflecting from your perspective of having passed through one more Lenten season.  For many, Lent still has some significance, if only because of memories of days long past. For others, it’s a deep spiritual call that was responded to as best possible. For others, Lent has no meaning at all.

These descriptors certainly correlate with what is happening in the Church over the past number of years. For many “Church” still has some significance, if only because of memories of days long past. For others, “Church” still means “Ekklesia”—that is a deep spiritual connection that calls the people of God “Church”, as opposed to the building. And for others, there is no meaning at all.

We have been meeting throughout our Diocese of Central Newfoundland to have brave conversations about present realities around sustainability and mission. Church buildings are closing at an increasing rate, and to be honest, it feels like death. Many of our faithful are discovering that the people of God are being challenged to renew their faith, and to find strength to let go of places that that have spoken of holiness, comfort, and permanence. Others are angry, grieving a cultural loss and are not quite ready to hear or receive the Spirit’s comforting, directing call to the community.

Easter calls us to look at an empty tomb. For many, it was a place of resolve, comfort, and permanence—a place where Jesus was placed.  The tomb is empty. Jesus walked out of it and headed for wherever people were.

Jesus is, even now, wherever the people are. If we listen we can hear his voice, inviting us to “Come follow.” We can choose to bravely embrace this resurrection, and we must. There is a message emerging among us as we face the challenges of our time. 

The spirit is not rebuking us because we have done anything wrong.

The Spirit is not saying we can fix things if we come up with a strategic plan.

The Spirit is not saying that we  have to try and save what was.

The Spirit is saying “Come follow me, Come rediscover new heights of love and hope, for I have so much more to offer you in the future.”
Have a blessed Easter,
+ John, Central Newfoundland
Easter 2024

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