Embracing Easter: A Celebration of Renewal, Abundance, and Everlasting Life

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Easter is the gift of renewal, abundance life here, and, amazingly, everlasting life hereafter!

This is all God’s doing! Creatures and creation are God’s own decisions and intentions to ‘let us make!’

Invested before time and through time and beyond time, God stays attached and determined to see it all through to perfection and glory: to life and light; to love and peace.

We human beings made by God and for God have been provided for in every way by the redemptive love of Jesus Christ, the third person of the Holy Trinity, the God-Man, fully human and fully divine.

In Christ, we are transported from the finite to the infinite! In him, we mortals have put on immortality! We are forever raised up!

Assured of everything and for all time, we can now live life with faith, hope, and love. We can make our life count and help make the world a better place. We can live out our forgiven, grace-filled lives with love for God, neighbour, and fellow-creatures. We can stand at the grave and see it is the gate to eternal life, where death and sorrow are no more!

Don’t miss the meaning and power of Easter! It is the greatest gift humanity and the world has ever known and could ever hope for! It makes life better here and lets us live forever hereafter. Rejoice!

Happy Easter,
+John Organ,
Western NL

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