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Ever wonder where in the world PWRDF does its work, or how they distribute their donations? The map above shows, at a glance, where projects are being carried out. It’s only through donations from people like us that make this work possible. 

From April 1st, 2022, to March 31st, 2023, PWRDF supported 76 projects in 33 countries. $1,939,933 was spent on development projects (indicated by blue dots) and $6,828,929 was spent on humanitarian relief responses (indicated by the purple dots). 

The following are examples of some of these projects and responses: 

Development projects: 100 indigenous people accessed an inner city program (Winnipeg); 48 indigenous youth from 32 communities were trained in water monitoring (Pikangikum, Ontario); 500 families from indigenous communities achieved food security through sustainable agriculture (Mexico and Guatemala); 114 young people were trained in environmental journalism for the radio (Columbia); 1743 farmers learned how to improve their business productivity (Columbia); 350 women gained leadership skills (Haiti); 1,440,079 COVID-19 home care visits were made (Mali); 48 remote health clinics were outfitted with solar power (Mozambique); and 81,383 refugees learned about substance abuse through a prevention program (Thai-Burmese border). 

Humanitarian Relief responses: 400 people received trauma counselling after an earthquake (Haiti); 190 women were diagnosed and treated for osteoporosis at Ahli Arab Hospital (Palestinian Territories); 6730 people with disabilities and their families received supplies to get through the cold winter with power outages (Ukraine); 3,410 Syrian refugees were provided with food vouchers (Jordan); 640 South Sudanese who were returning home received 11 months of cash transfers to buy food (South Sudan); 500 households received food, water, tarps, and tents when floods forced them from their homes (Pakistan); and 883 children learned in a child-friendly space at a refugee camp (Ethiopia). 

These are only samples of all the work that’s being carried out by PWRDF. You can see more about their work on the website, or you can call them at 1-877-936-9199, or write to them at 80 Hayden Street, Toronto, ON M4Y 3G2.

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