April 2021

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Allison BillardApril 2021

Parenting In The Bible

Why is it that children are so much better behaved for everyone besides their parents? And why can they be so kind to others and ...
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Archdeacon Charlene TaylorApril 2021

Easter, New Life, Creation Care, Climate Action

It is not by accident that Easter occurs in spring time. The resurrected Christ brings new life to the Christian, and spring reveals new life ...
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The Rev’d Cynthia Haines-TurnerApril 2021

Living Your Faith

It is the custom in many of our churches to have a renewal of the baptismal covenant at Easter, particularly if we hold the Easter ...
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Ronald ClarkeMelanie Clarke

Easter Joy!

When my children were small, and we had recently moved to St. John’s, our family became members of the church of St. Mary the Virgin ...
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Dr. Ian SimpsonDr. Doreen Helen Klassen

Anglicans Make Sacrifices During A 17th Century Pandemic

In an April 2020 article titled “How coronavirus is giving us a crash course in a different moral universe,” Graham Tomlin, Bishop of Kensington, challenges ...
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Matthew and Kate
Matthew TownsendApril 2021

Newfoundland and Labrador: So Close­—And Yet So Far

Back in 2016, on the eve of our marriage, Kate and I considered where we might take a honeymoon. We lived in Rochester, New York, ...
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Archdeacon Gerald WestcottApril 2021

Easter Hope In A COVID-19 World

Living life, even on a good day, is hard. Suffering is a non-negotiable component of the human condition. Too many people spend too much of ...
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Louise SmithApril 2021

My Anglican Life Ministry

As a parish correspondent with Anglican Life, I am pleased to report that despite the many restrictions placed upon us during 2020, freedom to share ...
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The Rev'd Jonathan RoweApril 2021

Twenty Four Hours After You’re Symptom-Free

At the end of February, I caught a cold. I didn’t have a cough or a fever, but I had a runny nose and felt ...
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Bishop Samuel RoseApril 2021

Rolling Stones

No, I’m not referring to the Rock N’ Roll band, although there is a rock, and it does roll. I’m speaking about Mark’s Gospel, chapter ...
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