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A New Year’s Lesson

The gospel for the first Sunday after Epiphany tells the story of Jesus going into the temple at the age of twelve. Like any other

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Christmas Light

This is the last column written by Ronald Clarke for Anglican Life; it appeared in the December 2021 print issue of the paper. Ronald Clarke

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When I was growing up in Chance Cove, Trinity Bay, I decided I wanted to become a doctor. At the age of ten, I broke

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All Things Bright And Beautiful

All summer long, I marvelled at the size and colour of the trees in Newfoundland. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the trees as green

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September Days

September for me has always been the month where work begins and my daily routines start again. I was a teacher for over 40 years,

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Summer Days!

When I was a little boy, June was an exciting time of year for me. School was closing for the year which meant more play

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May Flowers

It’s that time of year again when the flowers are beginning to grow. All winter, these precious little buds have been buried under the ground

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Easter Joy!

When my children were small, and we had recently moved to St. John’s, our family became members of the church of St. Mary the Virgin

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Looking Back

Looking back over the 90 years of my life, I realize I have a lot of gratitude towards those whom I have encountered in my

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Whaat’s God Really Like?

Little children can be so sweetly inquisitive! Often they can surprise you with difficult, even profound questions. Five year old Billy had just finished the

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