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Advent and Tomorrow’s Church

With ongoing church decline, coupled with the behavioural changes consequent to almost two years of living with COVID-19 restrictions, the church is hopefully discerning those

Westcott with his wife and their granddaughter

A Wonder-Full and Uncertain Future

My granddaughter has recently had her first birthday. What a gift she has been to us, bringing such love, joy, and delight to our lives.

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Hope of Summer 2021

I have recently received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and am scheduled for the second dose in August. This day of vaccination has

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Easter Hope In A COVID-19 World

Living life, even on a good day, is hard. Suffering is a non-negotiable component of the human condition. Too many people spend too much of

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Something Is Missing

There is loneliness in my spirit—a pandemic induced and bodily loneliness. On March 22nd, 2020, our church communities were shut down because of the COVID-19

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