January 2024

The Rev'd Nicole CritchJanuary 2024

Stephenville Choir Raises Funds for Musuem

The choir of St. Augustine’s Church in Stephenville was asked to perform at Our Lady of Mercy Heritage Church. They sang a number of selections ...
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Louise SmithEastern Newfoundland and Labrador

Worshiping God Physically and Spiritually

Hanging prominently on my kitchen wall is a very large calendar. Each block or date has four lines, most of which are filled with reminders ...
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Dr. Doreen Helen KlassenJanuary 2024

Thousands of Visitors at Corner Brook’s Anglican Cathedral

They came from Florida, New Zealand, the Philippines, and “near Vienna.” Sometimes a mere handful, and sometimes literally thousands! All were visitors brought to Corner ...
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The Rev’d Cynthia Haines-TurnerColumns

Embracing the Light in The Darkness: Epiphany and The Radiance of Hope

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that in the darkest days of the year, we celebrate light. On the feast of Epiphany, we hear “Arise, ...
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The Rev'd Jonathan RoweColumns

The Reverence Trap: Dangerous Vocations

In previous columns, I’ve highlighted the challenges faced by clergy, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic’s initial lockdowns. I’ve shared personal strategies for maintaining mental health ...
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Ford MatchimColumns

Reasonable and Probable Grounds to Believe

Scripture writings are numerous on the importance of courage: against great foes (Judges 7:7-23); against great odds (1Samuel 17:32,50); when threatened (Daniel 3:16-18); when intimidated ...
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Debra Gill, PWRDF Representative, Diocese of Central NewfoundlandJanuary 2024

It’s Not Only About Christmas

The PWRDF World of Gifts is not only for Christmas. How often do you say, “What do you get for someone who has everything”? Why ...
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Emily F. RoweColumns

An Unexpected Divine Encounter

On January 25th, the Church remembers the conversion of St. Paul. Unless we go to a church named for St. Paul, many of us might ...
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Melanie ClarkeColumns

2024 Begins!

January in Newfoundland and Labrador doesn’t usually bring much joy to those of us who live here. It’s the darkest, snowiest, windiest, and coldest time ...
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Lisa BrownJanuary 2024

125th Anniversary of ACW Celebrated in Port Aux Basques

On Wednesday, November 1st, 2023, the ACW of St. James’ Church in Port aux Basques celebrated their 125th Anniversary. The morning started with a church ...
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