Thousands of Visitors at Corner Brook’s Anglican Cathedral

Dean Catherine Short and Dr. Doreen Helen Klassen

They came from Florida, New Zealand, the Philippines, and “near Vienna.” Sometimes a mere handful, and sometimes literally thousands! All were visitors brought to Corner Brook by cruise ships.

As part of its outreach in the summer of 2023, the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist opened its doors to visitors for all of the 35 cruises with more than 800 passengers between June 30 and November 3.

During the Thanksgiving weekend, Corner Brook received two extra cruise ships due to inclement weather in the ships’ intended routes. And on Thanksgiving Monday, over 1,000 people visited the Cathedral, which seats a mere 400!

There is no charge for visiting the Cathedral, but visitors donated over $2,700 in appreciation. Many treasured singing or listening to their favourite hymns as Ida Stone played the Casavant organ. German visitors in particular enjoyed hearing “Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken,” sung to the tune of the German national anthem. 

All appreciated the warm welcome and many commented on the inclusivity banner, with its reminder to show kindness to all God’s children.

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