Melanie ClarkeColumns

A New Year’s Suggestion

My career was as a teacher. Like my father before me, I taught English. I had the opportunity to teach many poems, plays, essays, novels …

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The Rev’d Cynthia Haines-TurnerColumns

Week of Christian Unity­—Why Bother?

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, an initiative of the World Council of Churches, takes place each year from January 18-25, between the feats …

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The Rev’d Michael LiColumns

Formed From the Dust

The cosmos is not eternal because it is slowly dying. It is running out of usable energy. Matter is not eternal. Indeed, most stars take millions of years …

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Kevin SmithColumns

Power of Attorney

Happy New Year! Let’s hope that 2023 is a good year and it finds you all full of good health and with lots of optimism …

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Ford MatchimColumns

Reasonable and Probable Grounds to Believe

Around 40 CE, as the good news of Jesus spread and was being preached and welcomed among people who were not Jews, the question arose …

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The Rev'd Jonathan RoweColumns

When You’re Irreplaceable

Taking time off for mental health leave was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in twenty years of ordained ministry. I was …

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quotation and photo of bishop
The Rt. Rev'd John WattonCentral Newfoundland


Prior to attending the Lambeth conference this year, one of the many books I read in preparation was “Walking Together, Global Perspectives on Reconciliation,” published …

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child decorates Chrsitmas tree in cathedral
Ellen ReidDecember 2022

Together To Gather

This Christmas will be different. We’ll congregate once more inside a warm beautiful stone Church and we’ll do all that we haven’t when we were …

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candles burning in an advent wreath
Melanie ClarkeColumns

The Spirit of Christmas

Every year around the end of November, there seems to be something in the air. A feeling comes over most people in December that isn’t …

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graphic for Allison's column Dec. 2022
Allison BillardColumns

The Holiday Season: What’s Your Favourite Part? What Would Jesus’ Be?

Here we are again: the December issue of the paper, working our way through Advent and towards Christmas Day. Every year is so full of …

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