The Rev’d Michael LiColumns

How Can We Know God?

There is no empirical evidence showing that God exists. Science alone cannot prove or disprove the existence of God. But, there are at least four ...
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Ford MatchimColumns

Reasonable and Probable Grounds to Believe

The Roman emperors Constantine, and (later) Theodosius, arranged meetings of various Church leaders. It was during this period the Nicene canons arose at Nicaea in ...
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Melanie ClarkeColumns

The Father’s Love

I grew up with three brothers. As the only girl, I naturally grew up as a daddy’s girl. My mother always said, “If you are ...
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The Rev’d Cynthia Haines-TurnerColumns

Celebrating Pentecost and The Love In My Red Stole

I love Pentecost Sunday. I love the red of the vestments, altar cloths and hangings, the festive atmosphere, the balloons, the decorations, the cake. I ...
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The Rev'd Jonathan RoweColumns

Beyond Buzzwords: Following Jesus Rather Than Saving Ourselves

Does it seem like every so often, the Church finds a new buzzword to talk vaguely about? Once upon a time, it was “stewardship,” or ...
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Emily F. RoweColumns

An Update From The Editor

We’re nearly at the end of another “year” for Anglican Life—only one more paper before the summer break. So here is an update for all ...
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The Rt. Rev'd Samuel RoseColumns

She’s Gone B’ys

I want to share some statements that I often hear about the Church. Perhaps you, too, have listened to something similar? ”The Church is not ...
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The Rev'd Canon Jeffrey PettenApril 2024

Emptiness is Fullness

Alleluia! We are in the Easter Season! One of the things that is tugging at my heart this year, this Easter, is the fullness of ...
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Ford MatchimApril 2024

Reasonable and Probable Grounds to Believe

Social media is awash with information on intelligence: Rational intelligence (IQ)—what I think; Emotional intelligence (EQ)—what I feel; and Spiritual intelligence (SQ)—what I am. Spiritual ...
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The Rev’d James SpencerApril 2024

Salmon Fishing and Youth Ministry—Casting Lines To Better Engage the Next Generations

Last summer I tried salmon fishing again. It had been years since my last time, mostly because of my extreme level of failure at the ...
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