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Naomi Patey presented with her gift of a photo blanket
Denise White

Organist recognized for her years of commitment

The congregation of St. John the Divine Anglican Church in Port Saunders recognized Naomi Patey for her dedication as organist for over 50 years. In appreciation for being a long time dedicated organist, the church had a photo blanket made with pictures of Naomi at church functions and with her family. It was presented to her during a service in December 2022. Her talent with the organ, keyboard, and occasionally on guitar, were a given every Sunday. If she wasn’t there everyone asked, “Where is Naomi?”

She has been an integral part of the church, its services, and committees since a young woman. As well, she was often in demand to play at funerals throughout the parish. Unfortunately her fingers aren’t as agile as they once were, and Naomi started to find it difficult to play.

She surely is missed at the keyboard. Rev’d Smith fills in now playing her omnichord.

Today, Naomi is an active resident of the Northern Retirement Home in Port Saunders and still attends church when she can. The photo at the top of this page is of Naomi receiving her gift.

Beautiful gifts for St. John the Divine Church

Many beautiful items were recently given to the Anglican Church in Port Saunders. It was noticed that the church could use a tabernacle and new communion robes. After an inquiry from a family who wished to make a gift, and the need was identified by the rector, the gifts were purchased and generously given.

The niece of one of the church members who had recently passed away asked what his family could give to the church in his memory. She quickly went about asking her cousins to give a contributions to purchase the tabernacle. They eagerly collected enough funds to purchase a simple yet elegant piece that coincidentally matches the church’s décor. It’s been said, “Uncle Dave would love it.”

Rev’d Marie displaying her gifts

Rev’d Marie Smith saw the need for new communion vestments, and generously purchased a full set of colourful communion vestments, and an additional white set, out of funds she was given on the occasion of her ordination to the priesthood September 18th, 2021. They were dedicated for clergy use in the parish.

Both were presented on November 5th, 2023. The tabernacle was presented by the family members of David Pittman, who passed away in June of 2022.  Rev’d Marie presented the set of vestments for use in the Parish of Port Saunders.

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