Helping Others With The World of Gifts

One of the things I look forward to at this time of year, is receiving the PWRDF World of Gifts Christmas Campaign Guide. I enjoy getting the snapshots of our work toward breaking the cycle of poverty among some of the worlds most vulnerable people. I like to reflect on each project, pray for the individuals involved, and see which opportunities speak to my heart, as I choose which ones to support each year. I appreciate the opportunity to make what is a small sacrifice for me, but that can improve or even save someone’s life. I am always impressed with the way our staff and partners can weave multiple components into one project.

The World of Gifts campaign is tremendously important in enabling PWRDF to fulfill its vision of a truly just, healthy, and peaceful world. Here are a few highlights from our 2020 campaign:

  • More than $437,000 was donated—that represented almost 10% of the donations received from individuals and parishes
  • You purchased over 3,800 gifts – the average gift amount was $110 per transaction
  • I assume it is the sustainable nature of livestock and farming gifts that makes them so popular—you bought 752 goats as well as cows, pigs, chickens, and 99 “whole farms”
  • You purchased 117 pipes for water wells and 20 complete water wells, in addition, you bought 83 donkeys to make it easier for Kenyan families to carry clean water from community wells to their homes
  • You gave $72,000 toward supporting health clinics in Africa through the All Mothers and Children Count COVID-19 Extension Program; that amount was matched 6:1 by the Government of Canada, for a total of $432,000
  • You donated $26,000 for disaster relief via the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, these funds are eligible for up to a 4:1 match from the Government of Canada

Many individuals and families use the World of Gifts instead of, or as part of, their Christmas gift exchange. Many churches use the World of Gifts during Advent to help focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

  • There are many ways to order from the World of Gifts Guide:
  • By telephone, call:
    1 (877) 936-9199 (9am – 5pm EST Monday – Friday)
  • By mail, by completing the order form on the bottom of pages 3 & 4 in the guide
  • Online by going to, clicking on the World of Gifts tab, then click on Shop our Online Guide (the online Guide is very user-friendly) Please note: you may request an ecard be sent to someone to let them know you have made a gift in their honour

PWRDF’s World of Gifts is available all year long and can make great gifts for Easter, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.

A huge thank you on behalf of PWRDF and our partners for your generous support! I pray God will continue to bless you this Christmas season as you continue to bless others!

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