The Rev’d Debbie Pantin, PWRDF, Anglican East NLMarch 2024

Creation Care: Not Seasonal But Covenantal

Without a doubt, some readers, having read the title above, are already rolling their eyes. “Enough of Creation Care, already! We celebrated that season in ...
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Dr. Doreen Helen Klassen, PWRDF, Western NLFebruary 2024

PWRDF’s In-Canada Emergency Response

While we often think of the Primate’s World Relief Development Fund (PWRDF) as an Anglican agency that helps the developing world, it is increasingly assisting ...
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Debra Gill, PWRDF Representative, Diocese of Central NewfoundlandJanuary 2024

It’s Not Only About Christmas

The PWRDF World of Gifts is not only for Christmas. How often do you say, “What do you get for someone who has everything”? Why ...
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The Rev’d Debbie Pantin, PWRDF, Anglican East NLDecember 2023

Companions On The Journey

As you are reading this column, we are just entering the season of Advent and preparing our homes, our hearts, and our lives for the ...
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Eileen KeepingLocal News

Stewardship project in Grand Bay raises $700 for PWRDF

As part of their confirmation stewardship project, the confirmation students from the Parish of Grand Bay sold tickets on gift cards. As a result, they ...
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Dr. Doreen Helen Klassen, PWRDF, Western NLColumns

Indigenous Issues

The Primate’s World Relief and development Fund ( PWRDF) is often associated with development projects in the global south or emergency responses in the global ...
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Jacqueline TucciNews

Anonymous Donor Matches PWRDF World of Gifts, Up To $110,000

World of Gifts is PWRDF’s seasonal gift-giving campaign that allows you to alleviate poverty, promote sustainability, and support communities in need in Canada and around ...
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The Rev’d Debbie Pantin, PWRDF, Anglican East NLNews

Join the PWRDF Wild Ride While There’s Still Time!

The second annual PWRDF Wild Ride in support of work with refugees and internally-displaced persons in countries such as Tanzania, South Sudan, Jordan, and Ukraine, ...
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Dr. Doreen Helen Klassen, PWRDF, Western NLJune 2023

Learning From The Developing World Through PWRDF

In the early 1990s, while I was conducting research on women’s storytelling in Zimbabwe, a young man approached me in a village market, saying, “You ...
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Sheila Boutcher, PWRDF, Central NewfoundlandCentral Newfoundland

Emergency Relief

One of the motivating factors for the creation of PWRDF, back in 1959, was “emergency preparedness”… not in the sense of ensuring there are batteries ...
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