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How did it get so late so soon? It’s night before it’s afternoon.
December is here before it’s June. My goodness, how the time has flewn!
– Dr. Seuss

This month—November—begins my 22nd year in the ministry of planned giving. My goodness, how the time has flown! 22 is the number of my birthday so I thought I would focus this column on 22 points that I have raised since November of 2000. Most of these will be familiar to many of you, but I feel that they are worthy of repeating.

  1. Planned giving is all about stewardship, which is defined as all that we do with all that God gives us in thanksgiving for all his blessing and in obedience to God’s will for us.
  2. A large number of Anglicans do not have a legal will.
  3. Many Anglicans do not have a bequest in their will for their church.
  4. Why? Because they have not been asked, or they don’t know how.
  5. Having a will can result in immediate tax reductions.
  6. Why bother with estate planning? It reduces uncertainty and minimizes tax.
  7. Canada Revenue Agency is the first beneficiary of any estate.
  8. Obtaining a will is easy and inexpensive.
  9. A legal will ensures your wishes are looked after.
  10. Having a will is a tremendous benefit to those left behind.
  11. In the event of death or divorce, the will needs to be updated.
  12. You really need a lawyer to help with your will.
  13. We ask that you prayerfully consider leaving a bequest for your church.
  14. Your church needs your support.
  15. You can also buy a life insurance policy for your church.
  16. A life insurance policy will provide a tax receipt for you now, and a gift for your church after you die.
  17. You have the option of designating how the church will use these funds.
  18. You can stipulate that your part of your RRSP or RIF account be directed to the church after you die.
  19. Making a planned gift is a spiritual decision on one’s personal journey of faith.
  20. Making a gift using your computer or cell phone is becoming a popular way of supporting your church.
  21. You will pay more taxes in the year of your death than any other year.
  22. When someone dies, it brings out the worst and/or the best in people.

Well, that’s 22 of the points I have raised since my beginning. I could have mentioned another 22, but in keeping with the theme of this column, I didn’t. However, I could have pointed out relevant ideas such as having an executor for your will, or enduring power of attorney, or having your will sent to probate. All are important stuff and worthy of consideration.

I conclude with these often quoted words of St. Francis of Assisi:

Remember that when you leave this earth,
You can take with you nothing that you have received –
Only what you have given: a full heart enriched by
Service, love, sacrifice and courage.

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