Melanie ClarkeApril 2024

The Promise of Easter: Reflections on Commitment, Challenges, and Eternal Assurance

Throughout my life, when I said the word “promise,” I meant it. As a young child, I remember being in Brownies and promising to “do ...
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Rt. Rev'd John OrganApril 2024

Embracing Easter: A Celebration of Renewal, Abundance, and Everlasting Life

Easter is the gift of renewal, abundance life here, and, amazingly, everlasting life hereafter! This is all God’s doing! Creatures and creation are God’s own ...
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The Rev'd Jonathan RoweApril 2024

Forgiveness and Service

I have long said that the Gospel at my funeral will be from the 21st chapter of John’s Gospel, if only because that would probably ...
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The Rev'd Canon Amber TremblettApril 2024

A New Life Begins: The Ordination of Rowena Payne

On Sunday, February 25th, the Archdeaconry of Labrador celebrated the ordination of Rev’d Rowena Payne to the Sacred Order of the Priesthood. The ordination was ...
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The Rt. Rev'd John WattonApril 2024

Come: Rediscover New Heights of Love and Hope

As you read this you will be reflecting from your perspective of having passed through one more Lenten season.  For many, Lent still has some ...
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Ford MatchimColumns

Reasonable and Probable Grounds to Believe

“Obey your leaders…for they are keeping watch…and will give an account.” Hebrews 13:17. As it pertains to government services in our time and place, giving ...
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Emily F. RoweColumns

St. Cuthbert the Environmentalist

On March 20th, the Church remembers St. Cuthbert, who died on that day in the year 687. A much loved English saint, Cuthbert left a ...
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The Rev’d Cynthia Haines-TurnerColumns

Finding Hope Amidst Challenges

Once again in a recent conversation, someone brought up the article, published over 4 years ago, entitled “Gone by 2040.” It was about a report ...
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Melanie ClarkeColumns

Being Tested

We are now in the middle of Lent. For forty days and forty nights, Jesus Christ was tempted in the desert by the devil. As ...
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The Rev'd Jonathan RoweColumns

Hiding in The Darkness

The Gospel lessons for Lent show us signs of resistance and opposition to Jesus and his teaching, but this year there is an extra element ...
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