The Father’s Love

image by E. Rowe in Canva

I grew up with three brothers. As the only girl, I naturally grew up as a daddy’s girl. My mother always said, “If you are looking for Melanie, see where her father is, and she won’t be far behind!” My mom was correct: wherever dad went, I went. I went with him to the supermarket, the church, the hospital, the garage. If he visited the old people, I was there. If he went to the wharf, I was there. If he went for a walk…I was trailing behind him.

One of dad’s favourite activities, was for me to back comb his hair. He would sit on the floor and for hours I played with his hair. I combed it from side to side and teased it; by the time I finished playing, dad’s hair was a mess and ultimately, he would have to go wash it before he looked presentable! During dad’s hair session, he was required to hold my dolls and change their clothes so that the dolls were ready for the day. Dad patiently sat and tried to dress the dolls to make me happy, all the while I chatted away about my friends, and school, and Sunday school, and anything I could think of. This was a weekly activity until I became old enough that dolls were no longer my main interest.

My main focus after dolls became public speaking. I would write speeches, and dad would help me to tidy up what I was saying to make sure I was saying what I wanted to say. My hairdresser phase had become my writing stage, and dad patiently sat with me week after week, as I wrote and re-wrote my speeches. No matter how busy dad was, he always had time to sit with me and help me with whatever new project I had become obsessed with! I always knew when I had been successful with whatever I was doing, because dad would look at me and give me this certain smile; when I received that smile, I knew the project was completed and I had his approval.

During all this time with my father, he never had to tell me I was doing a good job. He never lost patience with me when I wanted to start over again. He never criticized me when I wasn’t focused and being silly. He never discouraged me from trying new things. He supported me throughout all my phases of growing up, allowing me to find my own way with his gentle guidance.

My dad even loved me when I wasn’t being my best! He gently scolded me when my behaviour was bad, yet it was always done with love. The worst thing that could happen to me growing up was for dad to say he was disappointed in me. I never wanted to disappoint my dad.

So why am I telling you all this about growing up with my dad?

I want you all to know, that Our Father in Heaven loves each and every one of us just as much as my dad loved me! Our Father in Heaven is patient and kind and loving. He wants the best for each and every one of us! He knows when we are not being our best selves and yet, he still loves us. God sent his son, Jesus Christ, to prove to us how much he loves us. Jesus came to the world so we would know God’s love for us. Our Father is with us every single day of our lives and he never leaves us. God gently guides us through life, but we make our own choices, rightly or wrongly. And he never leaves us or abandons us or stops loving us. The cross assures us that God will always love us, and Jesus’ sacrifice for us is a reminder of that love!

God bless you all!

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