March 2023

Lisa SnowCentral Newfoundland

A Visit With the Seniors

On Sunday January 29th, the St Andrew’s ACW ladies visited the Harbour View seniors’ complex in Fogo for a song and reading gathering. The seniors ...
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Girl at church at Christmas
Dale DeckerLatest News

Christmas in Rocky Harbour

During the 5 o’clock Christmas Eve service at St. Matthew’s Church in Rocky Harbour, Jenna Pittman (from Whitby Ontario, who was visiting her grandparents in ...
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The Rev’d Michael LiColumns

The First Messianic Prophecy

There are many key verses in the Bible. With the possible exception of John 3:16, no Bible verse is more crucial than Genesis 3:15. Please ...
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Dr. Doreen Helen Klassen, PWRDF, Western NLMarch 2023

Women Farmers, Sustainable Agriculture, and The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund

Last summer, I planted some lettuce and chard on the balcony of my apartment, and enjoyed fresh lettuce on egg salad sandwiches and steamed chard ...
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The Ven. Terry CainesCentral Newfoundland

Gathering of Diocesan Clergy and Associates, Central Newfoundland

Over the past few years, the Diocese of Central Newfoundland has become attuned to the movement of the Spirit’s provision on pathways of mentoring and ...
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Louise SmithEastern Newfoundland and Labrador

Revisiting the Many Activities Leading Up To Christmas 2022

There is a saying that says: “From The Chorus of Minds Comes a Reflective Voice.” As I relax after dismantling the Christmas tree, with the ...
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The Rev’d Canon Christine LynchEastern Newfoundland and Labrador

Advent Quiet Day

On November 30th, 2022, people from the Parishes of Bay Roberts/Coley’s Point, Port De Grave, the Resurrection, and Shearstown took some time away from their ...
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The Rev'd Jonathan RoweColumns

Anticipate, Control, Trust

The hardest part of my struggles with anxiety was learning how to live with it. My therapist used to regularly remind me that my surges ...
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The Rev’d Eli CrossCentral Newfoundland

Church Music For 70+ Years

Doris Simms was born in 1934, at Pushthrough, on the isolated south coast of Newfoundland. Her mother discovered her talent for music, and in Doris’s ...
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Melanie ClarkeColumns

Changing Times

My grandfather died when I was twelve. He was my father’s father, and he and my grandmother lived with us because my dad was their ...
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