Gathering of Diocesan Clergy and Associates, Central Newfoundland

The Gathering of Diocesan Clergy and Associates, Central Newfoundland
Archdeacon Terry Caines

Over the past few years, the Diocese of Central Newfoundland has become attuned to the movement of the Spirit’s provision on pathways of mentoring and making disciples. A large number of parishes have individuals who were raised up in local settings, were ordained, and have made commitments to serve. 

On 1 February 2023, Bishop Watton gathered all rectors and associate clergy at Martin’s Cathedral in Gander. The meeting began at 11:00am with the Holy Eucharist. Together they spent the day reviewing foundational principles of leadership and team building, and how to incorporate them into our commitment of serving Jesus in our time. Bishop John spoke of the intricacies, complexities, and potential of relationships within parishes. The teaching and reflection were infused with conversations around mission, sustainability, and of the responsibility of those in Holy Orders to be outward signs of commitment, collegiality, shared ministry, leadership, humility, and hope for one another and for the whole Church. 

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