Ronald Clarke on Thanksgiving

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Long-time Anglican Life columnist Ronald Clarke was seriously ill last summer. In this excerpt from the upcoming October print issue, he talks about Thanksgiving, and his own thankfulness now that he is on the mend. The full column will be in paper.

Thanksgiving comes every year. It’s a holiday for everyone and most see it as a long weekend, time off from work and not much more. As Christians, giving thanks to God, our Father, and to Jesus Christ, his Son, is a practise we should have every day and not just at a particular time of year.Ron Clarke 2012.tiff

This past summer has been a difficult one for me. Near the end of July, I took sick and ended up in the hospital. According to my family, I very nearly died! I was anemic, I had pneumonia and I was bleeding internally. I only have vague memories of some of what happened to me over those two weeks in hospital, but what I have clear memories of are the number of people who prayed tirelessly to have my good health restored. Friends, neighbours, clergy, family members, and friends of family members all told me they were praying for my recovery. It felt like half of Newfoundland was on their knees asking our Saviour to heal me. As a matter of fact, most are still telling me they are continuing to pray for my recovery.

Today, I am grateful for so many things. I’m grateful for a loving family, for kind considerate friends and for the love of our Lord and Saviour. This year my health scare reminded me of all that I have, here on earth and in the heavens with our Lord! Be grateful this year for all the blessings that been bestowed upon you and share all your blessings with those you love and those you meet! Happy Thanksgiving! May God bless you all!

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