May Flowers

photograph by Jeena Paradies on
photograph by Jeena Paradies on

It’s that time of year again when the flowers are beginning to grow. All winter, these precious little buds have been buried under the ground just waiting for the air to warm up and the sun to shine daily. The flowers died last autumn but miraculously they survived our harsh winter to bloom again. Every year we all witness this miracle of nature and marvel at how robust these tiny plants have been made. When God made these beautiful flowers, he gave them resilience to last through the harshest conditions and they survive and flourish!

With the rebirth and renewal of nature every year, I am reminded of the resilience of humanity as well. This year, as you all know, has been an exhausting challenge for us all to say the least! For a year now, we have been stuck in our homes, afraid to interact with people, afraid to go too far, and afraid to catch this very deadly virus! Essentially, we have all been in hibernation, waiting for the day to come when we have gained control of this coronavirus. Finally, the vaccines are being distributed, and soon—hopefully very soon—we will be able to interact with one another the way we used to, greeting each other with a hug and a handshake instead of six feet apart. We have shown plenty of resilience with the struggle over this virus! A renewal of our relationships with distant friends is surely on the horizon!

The rebirth and renewal of nature also connects for me with the rebirth of our Lord and Saviour. Jesus’ ascension into heaven signifies a renewed assurance that we too, will follow Jesus into heaven one day! When I witness a tiny flower emerging from the soil, automatically my mind goes to the miracle of Jesus rising from the dead! He sacrificed his life for us! He chose death so that one day we could rise to be with him and our Father in heaven! He saved us all! Each Easter renews my commitment that one day we will all see our Father in heaven.

All of the rebirth and renewal of nature around me has also led me to consider the wonderful life I have lived! I turn 92 this month. I have lived a very fulfilling life thus far. In my teaching career, I made hundreds and hundreds of friends. I watched former students blossom and grow into very productive community members and I am proud of the people they have all become! I have raised four children, have six grandchildren and one great grandchild. Watching them grow and blossom has been the greatest pleasure of my life. God the Father and his son Jesus Christ have more than blessed me in my life and I thank them each and every day for such gifts!

I know that this difficult year has left many of us feeling down and hopeless but I want you to look around you and see the resilience of nature growing around you. If these little creatures can push through the harshness around, then you too, with God’s help, can push through all this uncertainty. With the coming of nature’s triumphant return, return to your faith. Remember Christ’s sacrifice for us and renew your belief in his ability to see you through the toughest of times to bring you into the light again! Have faith, my friends! God is good!

God Bless you all!

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