Whaat’s God Really Like?

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Little children can be so sweetly inquisitive! Often they can surprise you with difficult, even profound questions.

Five year old Billy had just finished the Lord’s Prayer at his mother’s knee the other night when he asked her, “What does God the Father look like?”

Puzzled, his mother found him a picture in an old illustrated Bible.

“He looks older than grandpa,” Billy stated. “And he doesn’t look friendly like grandpa. And does God ever smile?”

The picture Billy saw was the traditional one found in most Bibles and religious places. But is that image really what God looks like?

Nobody has ever seen God, Jesus stated. So the traditional image portrays what so many people only presumed what God the Father looks like.

Jesus also said that if we had seen him we have seen the Father. So, then, can we assume that the Father looks like a first-century, Middle Eastern male, as Jesus was?

Yes we can—when, and if, he wants to appear that way.

But, unlike Jesus, who is both human and divine (God and man), God the Father is not human. He is a spirit. So, he can, if he desires, take any form he wants to.

In a very interesting book I read, God assumes the form of a lovable, middle-aged, African-American woman—a guise entirely appropriate for that particular occasion.

Far fetched, you ask? Maybe.

While we can only guess what God looks like in our current life, there are so many things we surely know about him.

God is LOVE.

God loves each one of us personally!

Our Abba Father loves us every singe moment of our lives.

Our Father is omnipotent—able to do and and all things. Nothing is too big for God. He is a God of miracles!

How wonderfully encouraging believing in and utterly trusting, our Abba, our Father! No matter how devastating the situation may be!
And, when we eventually meet him face to face, surely we shall be overwhelmed by his magnificence, and be totally enveloped in his charm!
And, of course, we shall all feel like we’ve known him all our lives! Alleluia!

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