“The CLB: 130 Years Strong”

Col. Gail Dick, Governor and Commandant
Col. Gail Dick, Governor and Commandant

Not many organizations can say they have been in existence for 130 years, but this year, the CLB is celebrating its 130th anniversary, and the slogan is “CLB: 30 Years Strong.” The slogan recognizes our long and proud history of providing youth leadership training to our members. During our 130 year history, there has been more than 20,000 members who have joined the Brigade. We currently have approximately 13 companies within the Brigade, with a strength of approximately 300 members. We also have an Army Cadet Corps, and a Navy League Cadet Corps. We provide a wide range of programs such as badge work, arts and crafts, drill, band instruction, and youth leadership training, just to mention a few. We also provide outings, summer camps, challenge camps, wilderness survival, leadership, and marksmanship.

As you can imagine COVID 19 has had a significant impact on all aspects of our organization. However, over the past year, we have embarked on a very positive initiative entitled, “A Way Forward for The CLB”. Yes, we intend to strengthen our organization, starting today with your support.

We believe there is no greater time than the present to provide our young people with effective leadership. The CLB is a paramilitary youth organization that strives to instil confidence and strong values amongst our youth through our various programs. We believe our young people in today’s society need these skill sets more than ever before.

Our goal is to give young people the foundation to become valuable members in their communities and equip them with the skill sets that will benefit them throughout their lives.

One of the key elements of the CLB is music, and our Regimental Band continues to be the flagship of the Brigade. This year we have started a junior band, allowing our young musicians to avail of the opportunity to improve their musical skills, while being an important part of the organization. 

We have a very proud history. We were founded in 1891 in London, England. Fortunately, through the efforts of a young Newfoundlander, in the person of Harold Blackler, a CLB Company was started in St. John’s in 1892.

In World War 1, over 500 members of the CLB in Newfoundland, enlisted for service. Unfortunately, 136 members of the CLB made the supreme sacrifice. Today, a number of CLB members are currently serving in the Armed Forces.

Membership in the CLB is open to everyone. It is divided into 5 age groups as follows:

•Little Training Corps (LTC – Grades K-1)
•Young Training Corps (YTC – Grades 2-4)
•Junior Training Corps (JTC – Grades 5-7)
•Senior Training Corps (SC – Grades 8-12)
•Officers (Ages 19 Plus) 

We also want to extend an invitation to adults from ages 19 years and up to become adult leaders in the CLB. An adult leader is a volunteer who commits themselves in helping youth develop the necessary skills to become future leaders of our community. Let’s keep the flag flying and fight the good fight.

In conclusion, we welcome all parishes to join the CLB. For additional information, please contact:
Derek White, Executive Director
Phone: 709-722-1737
Email: [email protected]

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