The Ascension’s Advent Project

Jean Nash

This year, once again, we used St. Margaret’s Boat as the vehicle for our charitable Advent project. St. Margaret was well known for her charitable works especially among the homeless, and since our mission is “reaching out to others,” we felt that using St. Margaret again as our role model, we too would aim to help somevulnerable individuals. It was decided that we would support “Thrive,” which is part of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Community Youth Networks. Our aim was to fill the boat with personal care donations for this organization, whose primarily concern is “supporting youth who live in poverty and have limited access to mainstream programs and services.”

 The parishioners came on board and gave so generously that we did indeed swamp the boat. At the same time, this year’s confirmation candidates (as seen in the photo) were given the opportunity to be caught up in this spirit ofgiving. Mia Penney, a representative from Thrive, came to receive our boatload of gifts during the Sunday service on December 17th. Mia, along with other Thrive leaders, will ensure that these gifts will be distributed according to individual needs, and hopefully they will bring a measure of joy to the recipients during the Christmas season and into the New Year.


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