Sharing Easter With The Wider Community

The Easter Bunny with The Rev’d Dr. Simon Muwowo and Canon Jeffrey Petten
Kara Lush and Beryl Reid

On Friday, the 31st of March, the congregations of St. Michael & All Angels and of the Anglican Parish of Deer Lake hosted the Easter party for the clients and workers of the Vera Perlin Community Living Association (Inclusion NL). For years we have been hosting this event, but this has been our first one since that word that we all do not like to hear or say. 

As we hosted, there was a great atmosphere of fun, excitement, and relaxation; and in the midst of all of this there was a visit from the Easter Bunny, but not before the telling of the Easter story using the book, God Gave Us Easter by Lisa Tawn Bergren. 

Also in attendance, to provide musical entertainment, were the Wildwood Singers from Cormack. Comments made after the event were wonderful to hear as all enjoyed their time—from preparing the meal served to the clean up after, and all of the things in between. 

The Vera Perlin Community Living Association in Deer Lake has been active since the 1970s, meeting the needs of those who are physically and mentally challenged. These are very gifted individuals who can easily show the love of God in their lives and to those with whom they interact with. Vera Perlin, as it is locally known, also has much support from the greater community. 

We so loved our involvement in this event that we are looking forward to hosting it again next year, as well as other ways that we can be of assistance to this wonderful group in our community. 

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