Bonne Bay North Fellowship

Skit night
Dale Decker

The Rev’d Wilhelmena Green and a committee of several ladies have organized fun-filled fellowship nights for each Monday from last October until April 2023. 

Crafts, games, funny stories, recitals, jokes, skits, and of course a lunch and cup of tea, made each night extremely enjoyable. We laughed until our bellies hurt! 

Everyone is looking forward to getting back together for more fun-filled fellowship nights in October! 

26 ladies enjoyed dinner together at a local restaurant to finish off our Fellowship Nights until next fall!
Back(left to right): Dianne Burden, Donna Genge, Regina Payne, Norma Knott, Christine Payne, Karen French, Bess Reid, Irene Stagg, Monique Major, Bess Kennedy, Beverly Snow, Linda Payne, Cavell Bugden, Dot Shears, Edith Critch & Lizzie Payne.
Middle (left to right): Doris Pittman, Linda Payne-Pennell, Dale Decker, Eileen Janes, Keila Reid, & Annie Shears
Front (left to right): Rev. Wilhelmena, Sherry McKenzie, Cynthia Hynes, & Margaret Payne.
Missing; Cynthia Hiscock, Karen Watts, Betty Dyke-Sparkes, Josie Walters & Madge Payne

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