Rev’d Owen and Glenys Holwell

Rev’d Owen and Glenys Holwell with their granddaughter
The Rev'd Hannah Dicks

The Parish of Lewisporte Gathers to Wish Them Well in Their Retirement

Sunday April 28th, a parish service was held at St. Paul’s, Lewisporte, to mark the occasion of the retirement of The Rev’d Owen Holwell from active ministry, and Glenys Holwell from lay ministry. Rev’d Owen served as deacon at St. Paul’s, as well as at the other congregations of the parish, St. Andrew’s (Glenwood/Appleton), and St. Mark’s (Norris Arm North) for the past ten years; prior to that, he served for many years as a lay minister and in other areas of ministry in the parish.

For the past three years, Rev’d Owen also served as Diocesan Chaplain, a ministry he thoroughly enjoyed and says, “where he found his true calling.” Glenys Holwell served for over 21 years as a lay minister at St. Paul’s, and would often accompany Rev’d Owen when serving in the other churches in the parish, or when on pastoral visits. She also sang in the choir for over 40 years. Both were very devoted and faithful in service and ministry. During the service, certificates were presented to both Rev’d Owen and Glenys on behalf of Bishop John Watton. Following the service, members of the parish, along with others from the community and area gathered for a wonderful meal in the church hall in thanksgiving for their ministry, and to mark the occasion of their retirement . We give thanks for their many years of faithful service and ministry, and the much good they did both in the parish and diocese; and wish them much blessing now in their retirement. We give thanks for all who came out to make this such a memorable occasion for them.

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