Prayers For Ukraine

candles lit for vigil in front of the pulpit
Candles, lit for prayer, in front of the pulpit at the cathedral
Sharon Stuckey

Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, St. John's, holds prayer vigil

On Saturday, March 12th, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in St. John’s hosted an event on behalf of the diocese called “Peace, Perfect Peace: A Prayer Vigil For Peace in Ukraine.” Those who attended the vigil, or who watched it online, were encouraged to make a donation to PWRDF to go towards helping people in Ukraine. The photographs on this page were taken at that event by Sharon Stuckey.

There were several readings, including “Three Friends, a story from the desert,” and a poem by Mary Oliver called “The Journey.” Music for the evening was provided by Dr. David Buley, and the singers were mostly choral scholars from the cathedral. The readers who took part in the vigil were Bishop Sam Rose, Dean Roger Whalen, the Rev’d Donna Mercer, Jan Buley, and David Buley. 

Those participating were encouraged to stand in support of the people of Ukraine, and to join with those who fight to make our world a better place. “We must strive to promote respectful relationships as we search for collective healing and true reconciliation.”

Bishop Sam Rose offered prayers, saying that “Wherever we are this evening, we gather as one in prayer and vigil. Our hearts unite with those across the world who are praying for peace, praying for those who are suffering, and those crying our for justice.”

The Vigil is availble to watch on the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist’s Facebook page.


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