On The Word “Place”

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A poem by Eileen Colbourne

Where do I place in someone’s heart?  As a sister, a wife , a mother or a friend? I may never really know. 

What about changing places? Places to live, places to play games or music, place to sit at the kitchen.

Growing up we sat in our own place to eat.

Have you ever tried “sit where you like”?

We have started sitting where we want in church but seats get used by the same people every Sunday. It’s not easy to change your place…try it, be brave and see what happens. Sometimes we are accepted; sometimes we get an odd look. 

What about putting things in the proper place…in boxes, on a shelf, in an envelope, in folders.

And in sewing, right sides together most of the time.

What about being “put in one’s place?” Does anyone have the right to carry that through? What emotions erupt?

Places need to be found 

…for people who are hard to love

…for kindness amid strife 

…for joy amid stress

…for things too good to toss

Places need to be found for my treasures now that it is time to downsize. Is it time to give now, the items listed in your will? One would see the joy of the person who received the gift. 

A resting place must be found for my ashes and my last wishes. 

Places can provide


…a spot for a rocking chair 

…a quiet time

…a spot in my heart for a new friend 

What will fill the place left after loosing a friend?

For a tidy home, a good work area, or a peaceful mind, one must find a place. 

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