Jubilee Church Service and Afternoon Tea

group shot platinum jubilee topsail
Sharon Smith

St. John the Evangelist, Topsail

On Sunday, July 10th, rector, the Rev’d Jotie Noel and our deacon, the Rev’d Lisa Cox, delivered a very appropriate and specific service in recognition of the Queen’s exceptional milestone.

Then on Tuesday, July 12th, boosted by their presentation, and after weeks of careful preparation, our team catered to a very special afternoon tea in the parish hall under the direction of parishioner, Shirley Glynn. 

We endeavoured and succeeded in creating an exquisite atmosphere and fellowship to the approximately one hundred ladies from Conception Bay South and surrounding areas. It was a coming together to participate and to celebrate our rendition of this once in a lifetime event—the 70th anniversary of our Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s reign—her Platinum Jubilee. 

Our team met on the eleventh, when each one had her say. To make sure all was ready for that next special day.
To set up the tables and decorate with a flair,
For a major event so far this year. 

The cloths were all ironed and carefully laid,
With no wrinkles or creases or hems that were frayed
The China was sorted and the Silver polished bright,
Then carefully checked to make sure all was right. 

Before the door was locked up, we recapped the drill,
And mapped the procedure in the morning to fulfill.
We’d come early with sandwiches and sweet treats galore
Not a thing overlooked, for that, Shirley made sure. 

Then starting before 2pm, on the big day, a steady flow of ladies gracefully filed into our beckoning parish hall. They were adorned in fashionable evening wear, complemented with matching hats or fascinators. Our own Rev’d Jotie chose the most favourite from his collection—the Panama, all the way from Ecuador. Platinum Jubilee celebratorsWe felt ready and honoured to celebrate Britain’s current reigning Queen Elizabeth II. She had surpassed any other previous British monarch in longevity of years or duration of power. Now of all the precious metals, platinum is probably the one that most of us are less familiar with, obviously because of its rarity. 


Many people have been honoured in their respective fields with silver, representing 25 years of expertise; others with gold for 50 years of distinguished contributions. In an effort to arrive at an appropriate definition for platinum as it relates to our Queen’s seventy years of devotion to the British throne, I was intrigued at how Webster defined a platinum card—a card with unlimited credit. Queen Elizabeth II deserves unlimited credit for her uninterrupted seventy year endurance as the longest reigning monarch in British history. 

It was back in 1952
A young bride of just five years.
With toddler Charles and baby Anne
A brief time without Royal cares. 

Then her life it changed abruptly,
When King George the 6th. fell ill.
Her father’s death was sudden,
So his shoes she now must fill. 

Of course well trained for the task ahead.
Knowing her position next in line.
Yet in her prime—just 26
It was a lifelong hill to climb 

She scaled the cliff with dignity,
Though ruled with an iron will.
Maintaining protocol relentlessly,
Her Royal duties to fulfill 

She’s an example for all us women,
To face challenges unforeseen.
As we prove our strength between the genders.
God Save Our Gracious Queen. 

eating at the platinum jubilee celebrations in topsail

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