In The Aftermath of Hurricane Fiona

People enjoying the September 30th quilt show
Karen Simon

Submissions with photographs by Karen Simon

Quilt Show

A quilt show went ahead as planned on September 30th. After the devastation of Fiona, we were not sure what to do, but after much thought and prayer, we felt that this would bring some cheer to residents of the area. The top photograph and the next three are from that event.

Devastation After Hurricane Fiona

Hurricane Fiona was a category 4 Atlantic hurricane that hit many places in Atlantic Canada in late September of 2022. It was the most costly post-tropical storm to hit our part of the world on record, and when it reached Newfoundland’s west coast, it had maximum sustained winds of 70 mph (110 km/h). 

These photographs were submitted to Anglican Life by Karen Simon, and the destroyed house was her mother’s home. Many homes were destroyed by Fiona, and the rebuilding will be going on for a long time. Our own Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund has a way that you can help. Go to their website at: and choose “Hurricane Fiona.”


A Night of Music

A night of music was held on September 28th. It was a time to come together and where troubles were no more. People in attendance could feel the peace and joy. In the photograph below are pictured, from left to right: Leo, Ray, Viola, Glenda, Leona, Betty, Jim, and Dave.

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