Fogo Island Outreach Mission

At the stop in Pasadena, collecting more for Port aux Basques
Beverly Buffett

The Rev’d Neal Buffett spearheaded a mission project for the parishes of Fogo Island East and Fogo Island West. After Hurricane Fiona’s destruction, he announced that the parish hall in centre island would be available to drop off items for those in need in Port Aux Basques. Not knowing the outcome of his mission plan, he stayed at the hall for those who wanted to drop off items. The following day the ACW were present at the hall for drop off, and the third day the Rev’d Neil Coffin was available at the hall for drop off. Step one was accomplished, and the donations were over and above what had been anticipated. The next step was sorting the items. Rev’d Neal spread the word that a sorting party was needed. A fine crew showed up for this sorting party, and they did an excellent job—even to the extent of sorting clothing into sizes. Now to get the items to Port Aux Basques! He had a truck, but the mission continued with trying to find a trailer large enough to accommodate all of the donations. God’s blessings continued because a couple of people offered their trailers. Then on October 10th with a trailer in tow, the round trip was made to Port Aux Basques. On the way, he picked up items from the crew in Pasadena. When he arrived in Port Aux Basques, the people were expecting him, and they were so thankful for the items which had been donated. 

The next Sunday at church, Rev’d Neal shared his experience with the parishes of Fogo East and West. He said, a truck pulled up to take the bed, and the person said, “Now I will not have to sleep on the floor tonight.” Another person took the washer and dryer in the same manner, with grateful hearts that they could now do laundry. Then the bags and boxes were carried into the building. The volunteers were so thankful that everything was already labeled with what was inside. A box full of work gloves was opened, and the lady told the men to go get a pair since they were helping with unloading. 

There is much loss and hurt amongst the people, however, they showed gratitude for the items which had been donated. Rev’d Neal said, “This Thanksgiving, I did not get turkey dinner, however this was the most fulfilling Thanksgiving I have ever experienced.” He also said, “Just because I am the one in the pictures does not mean I am more important—someone had to drive the truck. God helped us do this together. It took all of us to make this happen. Without your help and support, and God’s guidance it would not have happened.” Upon returning, both parishes shared the expenses incurred for gas for this worthwhile outreach. With God all things come to fruition.

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