Fisherperson Blessing

Jessie Ann Marsh

Garnish is a fishing town which is located in Fortune Bay, NL. Lobster is the largest species fished in this area. Each day, nearly 70 people leave the harbour to haul in their pots and return at the end of day. This year has been quite challenging with persistent winds and swell. St. Giles’ ACW decided to show their concern for their safety on the water by packing a lunch of bottled water, muffin and molasses jimmie, and a prayer for their safety on the water.

We packed more than 70 treat bags and headed for the wharf to see the boats arriving and have a chat with the fishers

It was a lovely day, we felt blessed to share God’s love with these hard-working men and women, and it was greatly appreciated. Several ladies that helped bake the sweets and helped bag up the items weren’t present when the picture that is included with this article was taken.

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