Come Home Celebrations at St. Luke’s

Christina Petten, Ina Gifford, and Shirley Petten enjoy tea.
Forence Morgan-Thom

The Parish of Port de Grave was a busy place last summer—getting ready for three fundraisers, completing repairs, and painting our lower hall has kept many parishioners and the ACW on their toes with hard work and dedication for most of the summer. And what a summer it was! The weather was in the high twenties and sometimes reaching thirty; it was definitely a summer to remember.

In July, we began with our annual crab dinner. Due to COVID-19 the previous two years, we could not have this dinner which was a disappointment to many. It’s an event anticipated by many and is always a roaring success. Thanks to Eleanor and Clarence Andrews, their family, and to the ACW, it is our main fundraiser, and I might add a great financial reward.

On August 4th, the ACW held a high tea, beginning at two in the afternoon. More than one hundred people, both young and old, came to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee and Come Home Year. The hall was decorated in honour of both events. Beautifully attired celebrants with fascinators were the pride of the day. It was wonderful that a few children and teenagers came to celebrate with us. Another great achievement due to the cooperation of all.

Story & Mason Durrell, and Alexandria & Barry Thom enjoy afternoon tea

On August 6th, the church vestry hosted a breakfast. With the help of the parishioners, a full hot breakfast was served, and enjoyed by all. Our treasurer, Joyce Morgan, spearheaded this successful breakfast.

Our last fundraiser for the year was the ACW’s online auction, held from September 8th-12th. Many of the Bay Roberts and surrounding area businesses donated items for our event, as well as residents of Port de Grave. Thanks to Colleen and Stephanie Andrews for photographing all the items, and to Stephanie for setting up the auction on Facebook. Thanks to Eleanor Andrews for organizing the event, and all those who did the leg work of taking letters around to the businesses and then picking up the items. Great job.

This has been our greatest series of financial fundraisers ever, exceeding our wildest dreams.

Here are two of the 130 things that were donated for the auction. On the left is an antique chair that was donated by Margaret Dawe, and on the right is a Christmas wooden decoration by Madeline Powell.

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