Combined Clergy Retreat

In the lead up to Lent this year, members of the clergy from two Newfoundland dioceses came together to share in a retreat, led by Bishop John Organ of the Diocese of Western Newfoundland. Above we see the assembed clergy, and in the front in the middle is Bishop Organ of Western, and beside him is Bishop Watton of Central.
The Ven. Terry Caines

Diocese of Central Newfoundland and Diocese of Western Newfoundland share combined pre-Lent retreat

From the 13th – 16th of February, 45 members of the clergy from both Western and Central Dioceses gathered at Lion Max Simms Camp for a combined clergy retreat. Bishop John Organ was the retreat leader, and a wonderful teacher. His talks were centred on John’s Gospel, and the theme was: “We would see Jesus” (John 12:21).  There were four sessions over the course of the retreat, and the sessions focused The Transcendent Christ; The Immanent Christ; Jesus the Incarnate God, the Messiah; and Jesus the Incarnate God, The Good Shepherd, Belonging to the Flock. Bishop Organ had the table groups discern the thought that “seeing Jesus” is to know that God has come into the world and brings light to dispel the darkness, love to conquer hate, forgiveness to resolve sin, belonging to overcome estrangement, courage to be and do all that we are made by God to be and do.

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