Two wooden cups, used by Fr. Jonathan's paternal grandparents in the Holy Lands

Generation to Generation

Over the years, I have watched a lot of grandparents take their grandchildren to church with them. Often, they do so apologetically, saying, “If I

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A New And Better Normal

As restrictions lift, people get vaccinated, and concerns about the pandemic ease, life gradually starts to return to ‘normal’. It’s not too soon for some,

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Newfoundland Nones

Once upon a time, we assumed that every Anglican had a parish that they belonged to. When the clergy visited hospitals, they could ask to

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Digital Clericalism For The 21st Century

More than twenty years ago, a young Anglican priest wrote, ‘Some laity still find it fanciful that their parish has a Web page, and some

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Church In The Bubble

Later this month, the shutdown in Newfoundland will be a year old. Many of the extreme restrictions of the early days have long since been

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At What Cost?

When we’re in crisis mode, it can be easy to let our priorities go off course. Some time ago, we started to talk about the

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