Statue of Jesus in a park

“Christ Is Risen Indeed!”

It is wise to not believe everything we hear. Always best to be cautious and circumspect. The Apostle Thomas needed more than hearsay about Jesus

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A Time of Spiritual Enrichment

Greetings in Christ. From The Reign of Christ Sunday, through Advent, to Christmas and Epiphany, it has been an extraordinary seven weeks of spiritual enrichment

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Christmas—Both Spiritual and Cultural

Christmas is a word that has cultural as well as spiritual meaning. Store shelves are beginning to fill with toys and other items marketed around

Generations of travellers, historians, and pilgrims have worn these two parallel tracks into the ground on the way to Mistaken Point, NL, to see the fossils there, where you are able to stand on what was an ocean floor almost 600 million years ago.

An Extraodinary Pilgrimage

In August of this year, my wife and I made our way to Trepassey. We checked in to the local hotel and settled in for

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Our Commission’s Findings

During the past two years, The Anglican Diocese of Western Newfoundland has been conducting a commission to assess our context in the hope of building on our strengths to ensure a bright future. 

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We Need To Choose A Bright Future

To have a bright future, it is critical to decide to have one. It is essential to plan and to work for it. Whether in

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The Stone Is Rolled Away!

The stone is rolled away! Death is defeated! Life is restored! Blow the trumpets! Make a great shout: Christ is risen! The Lord is risen

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