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Here’s the truth:  the Anglican Church of Canada can not afford to send newspapers to people who no longer wish to receive them, who have moved, or have passed away. It is not a wise use of resources, either financial (the money to print the papers and to mail them out), or environmental (it is a waste of paper in a world where we know that we must reduce our waste, not simply recycle). Something’s got to give. So what is happening?

We are asking you all who get the newspaper, who actually get Anglican Life delivered to your home, to confirm your subscriptions. That way, only those who wish to receive the paper will do so. This will cut down on waste, and it will cut down on costs. This campaign has been ongoing for some months now, and you all need to have confirmed your subscriptions by the end of June—by the end of next month.

Where do we stand on this as of today? As of May 4th, the latest numbers that I have available tell me that we have currently had a little less than 7% of people confirm their subscriptions. That is the lowest rate of confirmations in all of Canada. Come on Newfoundland & Labrador:  now is the time, my friends. If you haven’t already renewed, go do that right now.  The easiest way is this:

And what will happen if we don’t have enough support? Well, I don’t know. This website will probably continue, but I know that it doesn’t reach many of the paper’s readers, especially the older members of our communities. Also, the stories that get published on this website are sent in for a newspaper—will anyone send things in for a purely online publication? Will we lose this essential connection between our parishes in the province of Newfoundland & Labrador; will we lose the support that we feel from each other?

What’s the story on the next level up? Here is a link to the story about the upcoming proposed changes to the mandate, governance and editorial policy of the Anglican Journal, and the introduction of an editorial board. This is one of the many things that will be discussed at the upcoming General Synod in July of this year:

If you like getting Anglican Life in print form, or if you’re a part of another diocese in the Anglican Church of Canada and you like getting your paper in print, please let the National Church know by confirming your subscription. Thank you.

Emily F. Rowe
Editor, Anglican Life


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